Kent Dolphins Swim Academy is a private swimming school that offers the highest quality swimming tuition in the comfort and convenience of your own home!
The school was established in 2005 and is run by Slawek Szydlowski – an experienced swimming coach, athletics coach, sailor and physical education teacher. Lessons are held in a comfortable environment – your own home – which facilitates the learning process and saves time by having an instructor come to you!

How Kent Dolphins can help you:


Tunbridge Wells

Our Programme
Since Slawek Szydlowski was a little boy he has been in love with water-sports, including scuba diving, water skiing, canoeing and most of all sailing. He once said, “I was born and raised by the water.” His passion later progressed into competing at county and national levels. Next stage was to study physical education and to pass his knowledge onto others, especially children.

Slawek graduated with Masters Degree in Sports Science and later gained coaching qualifications in Swimming and Athletics. Whilst studying Sports Science he was representing his University in butterfly and freestyle sprints competitions.

Having worked as a swimming teacher and coach for over 15 years for a number of organisations, Slawek Szydlowski identified a niche-market for home-visit swimming lessons in Kent, and embarked on setting up a swimming school with a difference.


I was already a competitive swimmer at SSC, but wanted to develop my technique further from another professional who knew what I wanted. I have been into a lot of competitions and I have enjoyed the training over here. Highly recommended.

Michael Botham, Sevenoaks

I wanted to learn swimming, but never knew where to start off. I heard about Kent Dolphins and I started my swim journey with them. It was an amazing experience and believe me, I was not so enthusiastic about swimming, but now, I have actually started enjoying water sports. Thank you so much Slawek.

Mark Smith, Tunbridge Wells

My son Oliver, 7 years old, was a very water phobic child ever since I remember and had a number of swimming lessons somewhere else. Swimming was a nightmare for him, and a friend of mine recommended Kent Dolphins. The coach, Slawek, completely understood my son’s issue and went ahead slowly and steadily guiding him towards his course. My son is now 11 and competes at Maidstone Swimming Club. My son’s progress absolutely exceeded my expectations.

Jennie Young, Oliver’s mother, West Malling

Slawek has taught my daughter Nicole since she was 4. She is now 6 and can swim absolutely beautifully! My husband and I are extremely proud of her progress and we love seeing how much she enjoys the water. The whole family adore Slawek and Nicole always says: Slawek is the best teacher in the world!

Joe Anderson, Nicole’s mother, Ottford